Alison Leeper

I am an artist printmaker working from a studio in rural Perthshire, Scotland. I work in a semi-abstract way, playing with shape, form, line and colour, and drawing inspiration from things I see around me.

I work mainly on series, rather than editions, of prints, often using a combination of printmaking techniques – collograph, woodcut, silkscreen and various forms of mono print sometimes with collaged, drawn or chine collé elements.

I use digital media as a developmental tool and as a means of exploration. I like my digital work onscreen but rarely find the work as satisfactory once it has been printed,

I am therefore tentatively exploring combinations of digital and other print media. Including ways to introduce or incorporate elements of print(s) into the process of making paper so that print is included in, rather than on the surface of, the paper. I am also returning with a fresh eye to watercolour as a medium that I can use in combination with print.